Helpful Tips

Adobe InDesign

Pasting in the same location

This is a quick and easy method to ensure that all of your items are consistently pasted in the correct location.

Rather than:
Edit > Copy > Paste

Instead try:
Edit > Copy > Paste into Place
This will paste the element in exactly the same location as the previous page.

Creating Guides

First make sure you have the Rulers turned on:
Cmd + R or
View > Show Rulers

Page Guides: to create a guide that spans the width of only one page. Place your cursor over the top of the rulers and over the page, then drag down over the page.

Spread Guides: to create a guide that spans the whole with of the document (spread). Place the cursor over the rulers, but in the pasteboard area (off the page in the grey area) and then drag down. This will create a guide that spans the length of the spread.

Guides - Turning On/Off

To view without columns and guides:

  1. Go to: View
  2. Screen Mode
  3. Preview

To view columns and guides:

  1. Go to: View
  2. Screen Mode
  3. Normal

Or use the shortcut W to toggle between the two modes.

Baseline Grid - Turning Off/On

A Baseline Grid is a grid of horizontal line that are evenly spaced across the document (blue horizontal lines in the image below).

To view the Baseline Grid: 

  1. Go to: View
  2. Grids & Guides
  3. Hide / Show Baseline Grid
  4. If you can't see the Baseline Grid, you may have to hide the Background Colours Layer in the Layers palette.

Changing the pasteboard colour

To change the colour from dark grey to white:

  1. Go to: View
  2. Match pasteboard to theme colour


To change the measurement unit:

  1. Go to InDesign
  2. Preferences
  3. Units & Increments

Hanging quotation marks

“Ever wondered how to create hanging quotation marks?” 

  1. Go to: Type & Tables
  2. Select: Story
  3. This will open up the Story Palette
  4. Highlight the paragraph you wish to apply the style to
  5. and then tick Optical Margin Alignment
  6. Adjust to suit text size.

Wrap text around images

To get the type to wrap around an image or object, use the Text Wrap palette.

  1. Open the Text Wrap palette (Window > Text Wrap)
  2. Select the image that you want to wrap
  3. Select Wrap around bounding box in the Text Wrap palette
  4. Adjust the spacing to suit
  5. The text will wrap itself around the image.

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