Transform your brand

We live in a branded world. If you’re not a brand, you’re a commodity. Commodities are interchangeable with everyone else, including your competitors. This means you will be replicated, outpriced and lose your place in the market. Becoming irrelevant, forgotten and ignored.

Great branding gives you a distinct visual identity, credibility, recognition, differentiation — and ultimately a future. It has the power to set even the smallest businesses apart from bigger industry players. If you have a business, you need a brand.

Be on brand, every time: create your guidelines to increase brand recognition and consistency.

Confidence to brand the future

Circular creates the most professional and comprehensive Brand Guideline templates available. As creators we seek the type of design that's made to last. You know the kind. Timeless, versatile design with a minimalistic aesthetic, based on enduring design principles. We create brand templates that advocate style, fuel recognition, amplify differentiation and above all, endure.

We believe your guidelines should be just as finely-crafted as your brand. With our templates you can present your brand beautifully, consolidate your brand into one resource, giving you confidence to brand the future.

All of the templates are finished to a high standard. They include paragraph styles, layers and master pages. Customers experience well-crafted timeless design, strong design principles, professional type hierarchy, high attention to detail, structured layout, all aligned to a strong grid.

The Designer — It’s all in the details

Clare McFadyen is an Independent Designer based on the Central Coast of Queensland, Australia. She has a unique mix of graphic design, branding, marketing, web design and development skills. Clare dedicates hours of time and effort into creating each template. The goal: To create an enduring timeless piece of work, so you don't have to. Clare is also a top selling designer on Creative Market — her templates have sold thousands worldwide.

Most days you can find her grabbing an early morning cappuccino, practicing yoga, reading, researching the latest design trends and purchasing the finest looking fonts to hit the web.