Getting Started

Adobe InDesign

Download and install fonts

Before opening the template install the fonts.

  1. Open the Install Fonts First.txt file
  2. Open the link in your browser
  3. Download the font file and unzip
  4. Install the fonts
  5. If you're using a Mac, open up FontBook and go to File > Add fonts (this is a quick and easy way to add the whole folder instead of double-clicking on each individual font).
  6. If the font doesn't automatically update, close InDesign and restart.

Link the placeholder images

When InDesign open you will be prompted to link the images. The placeholder image lives in the Links folder. Just replace with this image.

Links > Placeholderimage.jpg

Delete our logos

The logos have been placed on one layer so it's easy to delete.

Select that layer and drag into the rubbish bin.

Change the workspace

In the top right corner of InDesign, you should see the word Essentials with a down arrow next to it. Click on that. It's where all of your workspace options are.

Change this to Typography. This will open all of the palettes that you need.

Edit the Master Pages

Change the information on the Master Pages with your own details.

For more information on Master Pages, please see MASTER PAGES.

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