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Atelier Web Direction Template

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Web Direction Template
Atelier is a Web Direction Template designed to help Web Designers save time, manage client expectations, keep projects on track and delight clients. Present a clear strategic direction before any work begins, so your client understands exactly what to expect in terms of deliverables and project workflow.
Adobe InDesign, Illustrator & XD
A4 - 297 x 210mm & 1366 x 965px
Sitemaps, content structure, project timeline, niche market infographic, visual direction mockups, layered document, uses free fonts and includes help file.
Made for
Web Designers and creatives who have skills and software required to edit the templates.
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  • Created to help Web Designers save time, manage client expectations, keep projects on track and delight clients.
  • Present a clear strategic direction before any work begins, so your client understands exactly what to expect in terms of deliverables and project workflow.
  • Packed full of helpful tips to guide you through the process.

Starting a new web project can be a complex undertaking without the right systems in place. Kicking off a new project without a clear brief can lead to scope creep and unnecessary revisions. Don’t get stuck in revision hell, identify and avoid any roadblocks early on, and streamline and accelerate your development process. 

Say hello to ATELIER — the Web Direction Template. 

Designed to help Web Designers establish a solid, strategic direction and clear goals at the beginning of the project, so you can find success at the end.


  • Save time, energy and stress
  • Keep web projects on track
  • Manage client expectations
  • Feel more organised
  • Delight clients


  • Present a clear strategic direction for the project
  • Establish a clear vision for the final deliverables, before any work begins
  • Feel confident presenting your concepts to the client
  • Streamline your project workflow
  • Clearly communicate the project goals ensuring everyone is on the same page
  • Keep the project on time and on budget
  • Provide a foundation to create the visual design
  • Focus more on the project and less on the process
  • Give the client a sense of involvement in the process and comfort that their goals and vision are understood.

So much more than a template, the Atelier not only looks amazing and will impress your client, but also includes helpful tips to guide you through the process. 


  • Adobe InDesign, Illustrator & XD versions
  • 2 x sitemaps - vertical and horizontal
  • Niche market infographic
  • Visual direction mockup
  • Content structure and project timeline tables
  • Layered document, professional type hierarchy, free fonts and includes help file

A good web design brief is essential to a successful web design project. Make your next web project a success with my web direction template. Simply download, edit and customise to suit your project requirements.

Business Overview, Project Summary, Project scope and deliverables, Website Goals, Target Audience, Niche Market, Brand Messages, Competitor Analysis x 3, Sitemap x 2 (Horizontal & Vertical), Website User Flows, Content Structure, Project Timeline, Visual Direction, Layout Inspiration & Feedback

What’s the difference between a Web Direction Template and a Proposal? 
The key difference being that your client has already decided to work with you — you’ve already closed the deal, now it’s time to lay out the details.

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  • Adobe InDesign (A4 - 297 x 210mm)
  • Adobe Illustrator (1366 x 965px)
  • Adobe XD (1366 x 965 px)

Includes .XD, .AI, .INDD & .IDML files.
Compatible with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator & XD
Compatible with Mac & Windows.

Includes free fonts – links are included in the file.

Photographs and mockups are not included.

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This is a digital download, not a physical product.

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Jana, Odessa Brand Guidelines & Atelier Web Direction Template

One of the best laid out brand guides EVER. Easy to edit all the colours and adapt and expand for my client.”

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